An Industry Leader

Reviva Tea, known for its “Refreshingly Different” flavor, is a brand owned by the holding company of BHP Group: a leader in the Sri Lanka tea industry for over four decades. Established in the late 1960s, BHP Group is a family owned enterprise, which manufactures approximately 3.5 million kilograms of black tea per year. Based in Ratnapura, Sri Lanka, BHP Group owns 2 independent tea factories in the area. These are used exclusively to process the tea from this low-lying region. The resulting tea, known for its unique freshness and character, is sold at the weekly Colombo Tea Auction as well as being used to create BHP Group’s line of Reviva Teas.

vision and mission

“We will anticipate market trends, manufacture the finest fresh tea from the Camellia Sinensis plant, thus retaining the taste and aroma of Ceylon Tea. While promoting sustainable agriculture, we will conduct our business in an ethical and socially acceptable manner guaranteeing a better share for our employees and small holder farmers.”

A brief of history

Founders of BHP Group
Mr Peiris
B.H Pieris
Mrs Peiris
Soma Pieris

Generations of experience

Founded in 1968, BHP Group was established by the late Mr B H Peiris, a seasoned and successful tea planter. Mr Peiris had long been based in the Ratnapura District when he decided to enter the tea manufacturing industry by investing in a very small tea factory in Dellwala, neighbouring his own handful of tea estates. This investment marked the beginning of BHP Group.

In 1987, the father of three passed the business on to his only son, B H Anura Peiris, who had shown good entrepreneurial skills as well as an interest in and commitment to the tea industry. Since its inception BHP Group has continued to expand and grow and today includes two commercial tea factories in Nawalakanda and Wewelkandura, respectively.

board of directors


anura peiris


Anura Peiris is the elder son in a family of five. Anura completed his studies in Ratnapura and later got married to Lakshmie Peiris in 1986. After his marriage, he completely immersed himself in the tea industry. Anura Peiris who has over 20 years of experience in the tea industry is currently the Chairman of BHP Group.

Director Finance

Lakshmie peiris

Director Finance

Lakshmi Peiris, who was born to a family of 6, completed her education in Horana. Lakshmie has been involved in the business alongside Anura Peiris for a number of years and now plays a major role in the day-to-day activities at both factories. Her father, Mr H A G Wickramasinghe, runs a successful business in his hometown in Horana.

Director Production

pasindu peiris

Director Production

Pasindu Peiris is the second son of Anura and Lakshmi Peiris. He completed his education at Stafford International School in Colombo in 2008, and began his higher education at the University of Bristol, UK, straight after. He currently has a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Science in Advanced Robotics. In 2012, he joined the family business and is currently a director of the group.

Director Marketing

ruwindu peiris

Director Marketing

Ruwindu Peiris, the youngest son in the family, completed his education at Stafford International School in 2010 and began his higher education straight after. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Manchester, UK and a Master of Science in International Technology Management from the University of Warwick, UK. He too is now involved in the family business as a director of the group.

Why reviva ?

Refreshingly Different

Revivatea Process

We believe we’ve discovered the formula for a perfect cup of tea: a strong connection with our local community and a mastery of blending single origin tea learnt through decades of experience at our state-of-the-art factories, and it’s with this knowledge that we at BHP Group created our range of Reviva Teas.

Available in different varieties, from classic Ceylon black tea, to naturally flavoured teas and healthful herbal blends, Reviva Tea is made using the finest tea from our Nawalakanda and Wewelkandura tea factories. Ensuring high standards in quality and flavor, while helping to uplift the living standards of our local community, Reviva is a brand with a refreshing difference.

Single Origin tea

exclusively from ratnapura

Single Origin Tea

Our single origin tea is grown exclusively in the foothills of Ratnapura, on the fringes of Sri Lanka’s Sinharaja Rainforest. The region is known for being at the heart of the wet zone and receives over 2500mm of rainfall annually, which ensures lush green tea gardens and fine tea buds year-round.

The rich soil and pure air of this virgin rainforest area give Reviva Tea unique character and the climatic condition help to shape the identity of the tea, which is distinct. Recognizable by the rich ruby liquor and heavy notes of malt, the low-country tea we produce is hand-picked and truly reviving.