Peaches offer a rare, uniquely sweet and slightly tangy flavor that is hard to resist. Paired with our single origin tea, the combination works perfectly together and a well brewed cup of tea Reviva Peach Tea is as refreshing as rays of sunshine on a warm summer day.

Available in :
Double Chamber Tea
How to prepare a refreshing cup of Reviva Tea:
100°C boiling water
1 Reviva tea bag
Add water & brew for 3-5 mins
A cup of refreshing Reviva Tea
Add ice for iced tea

Reviva Tea is sourced from the estates of a handful of farmers from Ratnapura, Sri Lanka, a community we have worked with and helped to develop since the 1980’s. Grown exclusively on the edge of the Sinharaja Rainforest, the fertile soil and pure air is what makes our tea “Refreshingly Different”.

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