the art of tea making

producing world-class tea

The primary service offered by BHP Group is the manufacture of world-class single origin teas. Sourced from the Ratnapura region in which the factories are based, once plucked, the fresh tender leaves and buds are promptly transported to the factory to guarantee they retain their freshness, before undergoing a four step process which culminates in an invigorating brew.



    Once at the fully automated factory, the withering process ensures the water in the tea leaves is evaporated by exposing the tea leaves to hot and cold air for a period of 10 to 12 hours.



    After this the withered leaves are rolled, sometimes several times, to break them down into fragments before they are laid out for a period of 2 to 3 hours to ferment.



    Once this is completed, the leaves are fed into large driers, with temperatures of 194F-266F (90C-130C) for approximately 20 minutes. The resulting product is black tea.



    Our tea is then sorted into leafy grades and flowery grades using hi-tech modern machinery, before being packed into brown paper bags which are specially lined to retain the tea’s freshness. Our tea, which includes top grades such as PEKOE's, PEKOE 1's, BOP's, BOP.SP's, OP's and OPA's, is then sold at the weekly Colombo Tea Auction. Of course, we reserve some of our finest tea to create our Reviva Tea range.


tradition of excellence

over 4 decades of experience

Born out of the decades of experience which BHP Group has in the tea industry, Reviva has a strong legacy behind it. The fully automated production process has been fine tuned over the years, which is how we ensure quality and consistency with minimal manual input. Approved by the Sri Lanka Tea Board and gaining ISO and HACCP certifications, Reviva Tea has proved the credibility and authenticity of its tea.

Our Nawalakanda Tea Factory is one of the largest single tea producing factories in Sri Lanka, and holds an excellent reputation for producing tea with a fresh and authentic taste. The factory also maintains a strong relationship with almost 6000 small holder farmers, a unique socio-economic feature.

Established in 1994, our Wewelkandura Tea Factory is situated at the foot of the Sinharaja Forest Reserve. Known as one of the foremost factories in the country, the Wewelkandura Tea Factory has consistently out-performed its competitors, cementing the factory’s distinguished standing locally.