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community enrichment

Fostering sustainable development


Enriching the local community is a priority for us at BHP Group, and Reviva is just one of the channels through which we are able to do this. We wouldn’t be where we are today without our community, which is why we ensure that we reinvest into them. Currently our initiatives are focused predominantly on education; we run programs to educate the farmers on developments in their field and on means of increasing the crop yield, we also facilitate the general education of school children. We feel that educational initiatives are key to sustainable long-term growth which is what we are hoping to facilitate.

In addition to this we also offer microfinance options to the farmers we work with, providing financial aid to help them build houses and fund their children’s education, among other projects. This allows the farmers to pay us back in installments, and more importantly gives farmers access to necessary funding which they often can’t access through traditional financial institutions as they lack the required documentation.

Having been based in the Ratnapura area for over four decades, for us, the local community is not an anonymous one which are we arbitrarily investing into. This community is our community, one which we have long been part of and with whom we have built strong relationships over the years, which is why it is so important to us to ensure their continued development.