The Rainforest Advantage

    Located bordering the lush Sinharaja forest, the rich soil and pure air of this virgin rainforest helps to shape the identity of our tea, which is unsurpassed.


    Redefining Single Origin Tea

    Sourced exclusively from tea estates bordering the Sinharaja Rain Forest in the Ratnapura region and processed in a state-of-the-art facility, we breathe new meaning to the phrase “Single Origin Tea”.


    Community Enrichment

    We believe in fostering the development of our community by establishing fair trading policies, education, awareness programs and micro finance facilities for local farmers as an investment to uplift their livelihoods.


    The Art of Tea Making

    With years of experience, we ensure that our tea leaves and buds are promptly transported to the factory to retain freshness, before undergoing a four step process which culminates in an invigorating brew.


    A Tradition of Excellence

    Our years of expertise in manufacturing premium tea has enabled us to unveil an array of masterfully-flavored teas to the market.


single origin tea

Exclusively From Ratnapura

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